A Robot Kit for every
African Classroom

Getting Started

SANODA is an intermidiate-level STEM educational robot kit for learning Coding and Engineering. Start building your SANODA today using intuitive instructions.

  • Age

    > 9 years and Older

  • Programming

    Smatphone / Tablet / PC / MAC

3-in-1 Robot Kit

Do more with little with SANODA. The Robot kit supports 3 building forms. 

  • Electronics

    Arduino Board, Protoshield, Ultrasonic Sensor, Bluetooth Module, RGB LED, Touch Sensor, & Line Follower

  • Mechanical

    3D Printed Parts


SANODA supports Arduino IDE programming and graphical programming for beginers. 

Community Builds

SANODA assembled (Senegal)

LED Light ON (Senegal)

Where to buy?

Rest Of The World

AZIBOt is a program of SenEcole


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    +221 77 319 54 14

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